Local by Nature


It was a sweet coup de foudre.


Monica and Dennis met while working in fine dining in Montreal. He was fresh from apprenticing in London in classic French and Japanese cuisine ; she had left a career in PR in France to live and work in Montreal. Together - Dennis as chef, and Monica in the front of the house - they rode the wave of Quebecois cuisine, a scene fuelled by local growers, cheesemakers and whimsical, "nutbar" chefs. Twenty years later they brought this spirit to Halifax, Dennis' hometown, to open their own restaurant.

They called it FID.


By definition, a fid (noun): is a round, pointed wooden tool for separating the strands of a rope in splicing. At FID, it was flavours, tastes and textures they spliced and wove together. The result was a mélange of Dennis and Monica's adventures: the menu was part Nova Scotian, part Quebecois, part Asian, part ocean, part land and part nutbar.


Fourteen years later, when their lease was ending, Monica and Dennis closed FID to pursue other adventures. It was time to explore. Time to cater to the community in other ways. Time to enjoy their sun-drenched, cookbook-filled home on the edge of Chocolate Lake in Halifax.


Today you can find them catering private parties, walking their dachshunds, whipping up Pad Thai at their local farmer's market stall or hosting culinary trips to Italy or France.

Dennis drives a motorcycle.

Monica prefers her Velosolex.

But together, they're still splicing and weaving local ingredients and serving them up with whimsy and warmth.

Let's call it FID 2.0 - The unleashed version



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